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"Legendary Fantasy Writer"



“Wonderful.” —Fantasy & Science Fiction


Several subway riders with Nancy Springer's Dark Lie in hand.“The finest fantasy writer of this or any decade.” —Marion Summer Bradley


“Ms. Springer’s work is outstanding in the field.” —Andrew Norton


“Nancy Springer writes like a dream.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Nancy Springer’s kind of writing is the kind that makes you want to run out, grab people on the street, and tell them to go find her book immediately and read them, all of them.” —The News (Salem, Ak)


Praise for Fair Peril


“Rollicking, outrageous…eccentric, charming…Springer has created a hilarious blend of feminism and fantasy in this heartfelt story of the power of a mother’s love.” —Publishers Weekly


“Witty, Whimsical, and enormously appealing.” —Kirkus Reviews


“A delightful romp of a book…an exuberant and funny feminist fairy tale.” —Lambda Book Report


“Moving, eloquent…often hilarious, but…beneath the laughter, Springer has utterly serious insights into life, and her own art…Fair Peril is modern/timeless storytelling at its best, both enchanting and very down-to-earth. Once again, brava!” —Locus


Larque On The Wing


“Satisfying and illuminating…scathing…nightmarish…uproariously funny…an off-the-wall contemporary fantasy that refuses to fit any of the normal boxes.” —Asimov’s Science Fiction


“Irresistible…charming, eccentric…thoughtful and significant…a winning, precisely rendered foray into magic realism.” —Kirkus Reviews


Praise for Chains of Gold


“Fantasy as its finest.” —Romantic Times


“Her fantastic images are telling, sharp and impressive; her poetic imagination unparalleled.” —Marion Zimmer Bradley


“Nancy Springer is a writer possessed of a uniquely individual vision. The story in Chains of Gold is borrowed from no one. It has a small, neat scope rare in a book of this genre, and it is a little jewel.” —News Journal (Mansfield, OH)


“Springer writes with depth and subtlety; her characters have failings as well as strengths, and the topography is as vivid as the lands of dreams and nightmares. Cerilla is a worth heroine, her story richly mythic.” —Publishers Weekly


The Hex Witch of Seldom


“Springer has turned her considerable talents to contemporary fantasy with a large degree of success.” —Booklist


“Nimble and quite charming…with lots of appeal.” —Kirkus Reviews


"Budgies and a midlife crisis catapult a sorrowful heroine into a magical world of self-discovery and love, as the prolific Springer (Fair Peril) continues her theme of feminist-inspired fantasy. The aptly named Sassy Hummel gains some much needed spunk when she learns to take a bird's-eye view of life. Sassy's husband of 27 years has just run off with a sweet young thing, her mother has Alzheimer's, she's lost her house, been forced to sell her jewelry, and now the only job she's qualified for is maid at the posh Sylvan Tower Hotel. To make matters worse, a bird in the hotel atrium just pooped on her head. After the statuesque, brightly festooned Racquel (owner of the hotel's upscale boutique, Plumage) cleans her up, Sassy takes a peek in the mirror to assess the damage. Instead of her own reflection, she sees a little blue budgie. As a matter of fact, Sassy begins seeing birds everywhere:"

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And from Tallahassee Writer's Association: "Dorrie and Sam White appear to have a normal if somewhat boring life, but (Dorrie) whose given name is Candor Verity, has a dark secret she has hidden for 16 years. At thirty-something her once lovely face has been scarred by lupus and her balletically slender body ravaged by the side effects of the steroid treatments for her condition, giving her “chipmunk cheeks and hippopotamus hips.”


The artist who designed the cover art for Nancy Springer's Enola Holmes book.Unable to have children with her husband Sam, she fantacizes about the baby girl taken from her at birth and of Blake Roman, the older boy with the romantic name, transfixing voice, and hypnotic eyes who called her “Candy.” In Dorrie’s memory he is her “miracle prince:” the one who turned her virginal self into “Cinderella and Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, all awakening as one” years before in the basement of her hometown school library.


A bureaucratic snafu reveals that, contrary to what her parents told her, the baby was not spirited away to California or beyond, by an adoption agency. Instead, Dorrie learns that the child was privately placed with the prominent District Attorney in Fulcrum, Ohio, the same town, where her Bible thumping parents moved after uncovering her shameful secret. After uncovering this information,"

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"My 12-year-old daughter borrowed this book from her school library and she loved it so much, she asked me for her own copy. She loves to read, and she's really into anything with a lot of drama, emotion, excitement, action or fantasy. She reads a lot of books, but she has only asked me to actually buy her a few: Harry Potter, Series of Unfortunate Events, and I Am Morgan le Fay. She was thrilled to open it on Christmas! I haven't read this book myself yet, but I'm reviewing it based on my daughter's high opinion of it. I'm sure she'll enjoy the author's other titles as well." (From Amazon.com, click for review.)


"My laundry and dishes suffered because of this book. I really couldn't wait to get back to it. I knew it would end tragically with Morgan le Fay as the protag., but I had to know what happened next! The writing style drew me in. I found myself re-reading sentences because they were so artfully written. This is a keeper. I will re-read it because it was such a beautiful, heartbreaking story." (From Amazon.com, click here for permalink.)


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 - "In this gripping psychological (Dark Lie) thriller--smart, chilling, and unrelenting--Nancy Springer establishes herself as an exciting new suspense writer with a distinctive voice and some surprises up her sleeve. To their neighbors, Dorrie and Sam Whiteare a contented couple in America’s heartland, with steady jobs, a suburban home, and plenty of community activities to keep them busy. But they’re not quite what they seem. For plain, hard-working Sam hides a depth of devotion for his wife that no one would suspect. And Dorrie is living a lie--beset by physical ailments, alone within herself...and secretly following the comings and goings of the sixteen-year-old daughter, Juliet, she gave up for adoption when she was hardly more than a child herself. Then one day at the mall, Dorrie watches horror-stricken as Juliet is abducted, forced into a van that drives away. Instinctively, Dorrie sends her own car speeding after it--an act of reckless courage that puts her on a collision course with a depraved killer...and draws Sam into a dogged, desperate search to save his wife. As mother and daughter unite in a terrifying struggle to survive, to what extremes will Dorrie go in overcoming her own limitations...and in confronting her dark, tormented past?"


"Nancy Springer's first foray into suspense is a darkly riveting read, featuring a scarred heroine whose past is shrouded in a shameful secret she would kill--or die--to protect. The pages swiftly fall away, along with layers of secrets and lies to reveal the pulsing heart of this compelling thriller: the primal bonds between parent and child, between man and woman--and the fine line between love and hate." ~Wendy Corsi Staub, New York Times Bestselling Author




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Several subway riders with Nancy Springer's Dark Lie in hand.


Several subway riders with Nancy Springer's Dark Lie in hand.

Several subway riders with Nancy Springer's Dark Lie in hand.

Nancy Springer

Several subway riders with Nancy Springer's Dark Lie in hand.