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Enola Holmes is Back to Solving Mysteries in New Book, Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade. On sale September 6th from Minotaur Books & Wednesday Books.

Smash hit Enola Holmes is returning to Netflix in 2022!

Legendary Entertainment and Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown have joined forces in bringing Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes series to life with a second Netflix film set released in late 2022.

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The Oddling Prince and GrandGhost are now available for purchase at book stores and online retailers.

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The Oddling Prince was included in Publisher’s Weekly Top 10 list of Science,  Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Spring 2018…

ENOLA HOLMES SERIES being brought to the BIG SCREEN by Millie Bobby Brown of STRANGER THINGS…

Received a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly…

Enola Holmes mystery series

The Enola Holmes Series

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, & Graphic Novel (New!)

Enola Holmes, Nancy’s six book series about Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister has garnered a lot of attention.  The series, is popular among both tweens and adults.  The first book, published in 2006, begins with fourteen year old Enola, learning that her mother has disappeared.  Enola journeys out to find her, all the while eluding her brothers: Sherlock and Mycroft.  She solves several missing persons cases as she searches.  You will love the way that Nancy brings you through the streets of London with such descriptive dialogue that you will feel that you are on the run with the young Enola.

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About Nancy

The award winning author of The Books of Isle fantasy series, the Enola Holmes mystery series, and a plethora of other novels. Nancy has been named as winner or nominee of multiple awards for Juvenile, Young Adult and Adult Literature including the Edgar Allan Poe Award 2 years in a row, winner of the Carolyn W. Field Award, the Hugo Best Short Story, and also winner of the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature for Best Novel. 

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A Selection of Nancy's Books

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“Wonderful.” —Fantasy & Science Fiction 

“The finest fantasy writer of this or any decade.” —Marion Summer Bradley

“Ms. Springer’s work is outstanding in the field.” —Andrew Norton

“Nancy Springer writes like a dream.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Nancy Springer’s kind of writing is the kind that makes you want to run out, grab people on the street, and tell them to go find her book immediately and read them, all of them.” —The News (Salem, Ak) 

"I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

-William Butler Yeats

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